Domestic and International Health Certificates

Early preparation is the key to successful, stress-free travel with your pet! Vickery Place Animal Hospital employs USDA-APHIS accredited veterinarians who will take you through the steps necessary for that preparation. Those steps will vary based on whether you are traveling domestically or internationally.

International /Domestic Health Certificates

To travel or relocate to another country is a lengthy process.

  1. Please check USDA regulations at regarding your destination country to ensure that you schedule enough time to complete all requirements. This website gives detailed information on requirements needed for domestic and international pet travel.
  2. Make a consultation appointment with Vickery Place Animal Hospital to discuss a health certificate with your pet. Remember, the certificate is only valid for a short period of time and is location dependent, so plan on timing the appointment with plenty of leeway in case your plans change.
  3. Ask your airline about the cost of travel and whether the pet will travel in the plane with you or in the cargo area. It is also important to ask how long they will honor your pet’s health certificate- this differs based on airline. Some airlines also prohibit pets from traveling certain months of the year or times of the day due to concerns for heatstroke and freezing. Also, do not forget to ask whether the airlines has restrictions on the type and size of carrier that can be used.
  4. Consider utilizing a 3rd party to help with your travel plans.
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