Hospice & End-OF-Life Care

Sadly, our fur babies age at a rate that far exceeds our own and that means that we will usually outlive our four-legged companions. As pet parents, we are often faced with quality-of-life questions that may involve euthanasia as an option.

Euthanasia is not an easy choice for a pet parent, but it can provide relief from needless suffering due to terminal or debilitating illness when other options have been exhausted. We are here to guide you through the decision-making process required to decide when or if it's time for your pet to pass on with dignity and comfort. We will do all that we can to ease the stress and anxiety of the situation.

One tool to help determine your pets’ quality of life is our Quality of Life Assessment Form to help you evaluate your pet's well-being at this time.

Our Vickery Place staff and doctors will be there with compassion, through every step of this difficult journey.

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