Preventative Care

Preventative Medicine is a critical component to keeping your pet happy and healthy long term. Yearly wellness exams to check the overall health of your pet and routine vaccinations are essential. However, what type of vaccines and the frequency of vaccinations should be tailored to your pet’s individual lifestyle. At Vickery Place Animal Hospital, we will work with you to create the perfect vaccination protocol for you and your pet.

We want to make sure your pets are as healthy on the inside as they are on the outside, so we also offer yearly wellness bloodwork panels. These panels allow our veterinarians to see how the organs are functioning, and give us a baseline or standard to reference should your pet become ill, just like our doctors do for us as humans! We are pleased to offer these panels in a bundle at an affordable price.

Heartworm tests and intestinal parasite screens for dogs normally cost $69 together ($30 for the parasite screen on cats). Add in wellness bloodwork, and you’re looking at an additional $145-$200.

With our program, bundling your pet’s annual wellness bloodwork, annual intestinal parasite screen, and/or heartworm test together can save you up to 48% on the bloodwork!

This way, the overall price is brought down drastically for our customers, and we are able to take better care of your pets. Call us to find out what panel we would recommend for your pet, so that we can create his/her perfect wellness protocol.