Emergency Preparedness for Pets

Do you know what to do in the case of an emergency with your pet? Do you know when it is appropriate to seek emergency care for your pet from a veterinarian?

As we prepare for the holidays, we know there will be a lot going on in our households – extended family will come in town for a stay, food will be made (and dropped or picked up by counter-surfers), and your regular veterinarian may be closed on the holidays themselves (Vickery Place Animal Hospital will be closed on Thursday, November 24th in observance of Thanksgiving). This is, of course, when disaster often strikes! You dog counter-surfs, picks up a turkey leg and promptly ingests the whole thing including the bone, or your cat ingests a piece of streamer that has fallen off a festive banner, and both are now acting strange. What do you do in this situation?

This article has some great tips on what to look for if you suspect your pet may need to see a doctor ASAP. It also includes tips on developing an emergency plan with your veterinarian, and how to properly approach pets if they are severely injured to the point of aggression.

If you have questions regarding your pets and planning for emergencies, talk to our doctors today!